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A Niche in the Global Market

In the early 1970s, we began cooperating with local partners to sell medicinal products outside of Germany. Today Dr. Falk Pharma products are sold in more than 60 countries. Our first foreign subsidiary was founded in 2001 in Portugal. In the years that followed, we set up additional subsidiaries in Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria to complement our existing network of partners.

Alongside marketing established medications, we are also involved in developing new preparations. Since the late 1990s, we have been working closely with partners in Germany as well as with companies and organizations in the rest of Europe, the USA and Asia. Our goal is not only to develop new substances for the treatment of various intestinal diseases and diseases of the liver, but also to advance already approved preparations, for example through the introduction of new galenic preparations. In addition, we investigate innovative applications for products already in use.

Dr. Falk is a proud family company. Independence and continuity have always been important to us and will continue to play a central role in the future. We will remain true to our tried-and-tested company philosophy. As a specialized niche provider with a unique market presence, our family firm aims to act as a counterbalance to the big international pharmaceutical groups.

Patienten für laufende Studie zu MORBUS CROHN gesucht!

Klinische Studie zur Beurteilung eines neuen, sich in der Erprobung befindlichen biologischen Medikaments. Der Name der Studie ist TRUST-2, was für „TRichUris Suis ova Trial“ steht.

Mehr als 200 Patienten mit MORBUS CROHN haben das sich in der Erprobung befindende Studienmedikament bisher in klinischen Studien eingenommen.

Die Studien zeigen eine Abnahme der Krankheitsaktivität und in der Mehrzahl der Fälle wurde Remission (beschwerdefreie Phase) erzielt. Die bisher beobachteten Nebenwirkungen betrafen zumeist den Verdauungstrakt.