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From Pharmacy to Pharmaceutical Company

Herbert Falk began his pharmacy studies in 1947 in Freiburg, which had been bombed severely in the war. He first completed the compulsory two-year period in a pharmacy in his father Emil Falk’s Herdern Pharmacy. From 1955, following his studies and doctorate in pharmacy, he again worked as a pharmacist and later took over his father's pharmacy. There he began to produce his own cardiovascular drops which he sold then in his own premises as well as in other pharmacies in and around Freiburg. At the same time he studied medicine, completing his dissertation in 1959. Encouraged by his initial success in selling cardiovascular drops, Dr. Herbert Falk founded his company Remefa GmbH & Co KG in 1960. The name was an abbreviation of Remedia (Latin for remedy) and Falk. From 1963 the company traded under the name Dr. Falk Arzneimittel GmbH & Co KG, and from 1989 as Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH.

In 1960, the year in which the company was founded, the preparation Hepatofalk® was launched. This was a combination preparation made from plant extracts for regenerative and protective liver therapy. In the 1960 further medications followed, such as the orotic acid preparation Orotofalk® and the vitamin preparation ADEK-Falk® for intra-muscular injection, neither of which, like Hepatofalk®, are now produced.

In 1974 Chenofalk®, the first ever bile acid for the medicinal dissolution of gallbladder stones, was launched. In 1978 this was followed by the second bile acid preparation, Ursofalk®, which is today still the leading medication for the treatment of cholestatic liver diseases. Today, it is available as Ursofalk® capsules, Ursofalk® suspension and Ursofalk® 500mg film-coated tablets which are forms optimized to make them easy to take. In 1984, Salofalk® became the world's first mesalazine preparation for treating inflammatory bowel diseases and it is still available in a wide variety of forms, a particular innovation being the granular form with its patented dual-component formulation (Granu-Stix®). Budenofalk® , a corticosteroid product for topical action, was added to our range of products for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases in 1998 and is available as capsules, granules in sachets and rectal foam.

As well as these, Dr. Falk Pharma offers further medications for the treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases, such as the immunosuppressant Azafalk® (in 4 dosage strengths), the bowel cleansing macrogol products Endofalk® and Laxofalk®, and the natural bulking agent preparation Mucofalk® which is used for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. Falkamin® for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy and Zinkamin-Falk® for zinc deficiency are additional products.

Patienten für laufende Studie zu MORBUS CROHN gesucht!

Klinische Studie zur Beurteilung eines neuen, sich in der Erprobung befindlichen biologischen Medikaments. Der Name der Studie ist TRUST-2, was für „TRichUris Suis ova Trial“ steht.

Mehr als 200 Patienten mit MORBUS CROHN haben das sich in der Erprobung befindende Studienmedikament bisher in klinischen Studien eingenommen.

Die Studien zeigen eine Abnahme der Krankheitsaktivität und in der Mehrzahl der Fälle wurde Remission (beschwerdefreie Phase) erzielt. Die bisher beobachteten Nebenwirkungen betrafen zumeist den Verdauungstrakt.